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Social & Geographic Context of Our Work


Fundong, Cameroon is located in Boyo Division which is 60 kilometers from Bamenda, the capital of the North West Region. It is a mountainous area with only a few paved roads in the entire North West Region. Luckily, there is a paved road connecting Bamenda to Fundong. However, all other roads are unpaved dirt roads, making travel to the smaller and more rural communities extremely difficult, especially during the rainy season. These roads are so bad they require 4-wheel drive vehicles or simple motorbikes—when the roads are impassable Better Family Foundation members are forced to trek on foot. Distances to these outlying villages range from 5km to 50 km away. Since we are located in the mountains the climate is much cooler when compared to the rest of Cameroon which also minimizes mosquito-borne diseases. The rainy seasons last from Mid-March through November.



The North West Region of Cameroon has a population of over 1,000,000, and is divided into seven Divisions—then inside each division are several sub-divisions. The population is comprised of many ethnic groups. Among the many these are some popular ethnic groups: the Mbororo, the Kom, the Njari, the Wimbum, and the Banso. Generally, relations between the groups are friendly and inter-tribal marriages are becoming more and more common. Within the population, over 80% are subsistence farmers, whose daily income is less than 1 USD. The dominant religion is Christianity while other religions include Islam, Bahai, many traditional beliefs. The North West is revered to have some of Cameroon’s most hospitable people.


Cameroon, and specifically the North West Region, is politically stable. Though politically stable, Cameroon endured a harsh economic decline starting during the 1980’s due to the downward trend of cash-crop commodities like coffee and cocoa. It was further worsened in 1994 when the CFA Franc was devalued substantially. Currently, in Cameroon, many families are struggling to feed and educate their family members.