Better Family Foundation

Empowering Families Socially and Economically



To cultivate the diverse backgrounds of Better Family Foundation members in order to transfer skills and knowledge to those families in need as a means of building capacity and empowering families to make informed and healthful life choices.”

Education is so important because it is a form of empowerment which can result in both social and economic empowerment.

Also, educating families so that they become more aware and empowered will in turn build the capacity of the entire community. These are among the many reasons BFF is dedicated to sharing knowledge through education to those in need.

Better Family Foundation’s Educational Program delivers both fact-based and advocacy education. We have conducted, and continue to give, educational seminars/workshops regarding important health issues, conflict-resolution strategies, management of household resources, and other life skills based topics. Our advocacy education has involved working with the community in order to change paradigms regarding marginalized populations and issues by promoting equal rights to all persons and communities.

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