Better Family Foundation

Empowering Families Socially and Economically

Infrastructure Development


To act as bridge between rural Cameroonian communities with little or no developed infrastructure and those able to make financial contributions so that we may build better, more healthy, families and communities.”

Because Better Family Foundation primarily works in rural villages, we have been able to witness the negative effects that decrepit or non-existing infrastructure has on families. These negative eff

ects do not only affect a family’s physical health but also their socio-economic well-being. So, Better Family Foundation has been taking an active role in developing the infrastructure of our local community.

BFF seeks to gather funding for any infrastructure developments that can help families in need. Potential projects include, but are not limited to:

-Community water projects

-Solar panel projects

-Rainwater harvesting projects

-Improved cook-stove projects

-Improved latrine projects

-Improved waste-disposal projects

Community Water Projects

Better Family Foundation recognizes that water is life. We also recognize that water is a scarce and sacred commodity which needs to be developed, protected and conserved for today and future generations. Under the umbrella of Infrastructure Development Programming Better Family Foundation has had the most experience executing community water projects.

Better Family Foundation is working to ensure that neglected rural communities have access to clean and potable sources of water in order to live healthful lives by combating water-borne and water-washed diseases. In efforts to carry out this task Better Family Foundation believes the best approach is community-based. So, before breaking ground on any water project Better Family Foundation conducts an intensive training program to build the community's capacity to manage their water system democratically and effectively. The creation of the Water Management Committee alleviates future need to seek outside assistance for repairs.

To complete this task Better Family Foundation partners with local communities and other non-profit organizations who are also concerned with the issues of water development and management. We are always seeking future partnerships in order to help deliver water to the rural masses.

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